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Old Skool of Hard Knocks

4 Aces Chopper

Classic Steel, builder of « 4 ACES CHOPPER »
It’s the winter of 2007 and all is well. I made my way over to see Jessy the owner of my favorite bike shop Classic Steel to find out the status of my ‘Pro Street’ bike project that he was working on. Low and behold, in a corner of the shop sat a chassis that clearly had my name written all over it. Unfortunately that was about all that was written all over it! No “cut this” or “weld that”. No “grid here” or “trim there”! So much for that visit!

A little while later I decided to give it another shot. This time (after the few ideas in my head were fused) I approached Jessy with a totally new vision. This time I was going for the chopper look: spoke wheels, a super long fork, etc. Believe me, now I had his attention!

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Frank’s Bike

Azzkikr Custom Cycles, builder of « Frank’s Bike »
Frank Sostorics had a problem. As an avid rider he found that the stock bikes available to him were too small. Frank stands 6’-5” tall and his size created problems for him whenever he rode any of the stock bikes. He was always riding hunched over and it appeared as though he was on a mini bike. So he started looking for a builder to customize a bike suited to his size and riding needs.

Frank was looking at a number of different builders for his bike when (through some family and friends) he was directed to Azzkikr Custom Cycles of Surrey, BC. They all stated that the staff at Azzkikr was very knowledgeable about bikes. With twelve staff members and a combined bike business experience in excess of two hundred and twenty-five years, Azzkikr Customs could deliver. The facility incorporates a 6,400 squarefoot showroom, 2,400 square-foot apparel store and 5,600 square-feet of fabrication and service facilities dedicated to every rider’s desires and needs. After meeting ...

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Twisted Freak

Freakshow Choppers, builder of « Twisted Freak »
The Twisted Freak started out as a follow-up build to the very well received Fantasma Del Lago bike, but in this case more attention was paid to the hand fabricated parts crafted by Freakshow Choppers. The Twisted theme came from many late nights in the shop, getting “twisted” on John Labatt’s fine products and thinking up some crazy ideas.

They started by contacting (Texan) Rick Fairless of Stroker’s Dallas fame to run some ideas by him of what they wanted for the frame. After a couple of weeks Rick shipped them a frame built as per their specs, (0-up, 6-out the front, 42 degrees of rake and 4 inches added to the tail section). Upon taking delivery of the Fairless / Freakshow collaboration, the boys (including Greg Grozelle and ...

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Billy Lane, Industrial Custom Cycles, Kreater & Konstantine Zakzanis, builders of « Roxy »
After years of hard-tailed riding, I have come to the realization that “breaking down” is part of motorcycling. At least it is in my world of custom motorcycles. And to this end, it might come as a surprise when I say there are no better times. I mean fuck, can you think of a cooler story to share than the time you were stuck on the side of the inner coastal side roads deep in the swamplands of the Bayou in the wee hours of the morning in blinding fog laden weather thick enough to fail to realize that the snapping sound you heard was not coming from your carburetor, but from the alligators behind you? I can’t. But I’ll save that story for another time.

This time around, my story has more to do with “Roxy”.

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