It’s all in the curves

I was already wide-eyed and awestruck with the 26th annual MOONEYES show in Yokohama Japan, with the multitude of custom hot rods, low riders, and custom-built bikes, when I laid my eyes on this stunning 1974 Harley Davidson Shovelhead. There she stood, amongst many other stunning custom motorcycles, ready to be photographed by the throng of Japanese and International media photographers for their respective media outlets. I immediately gravitated to her low, sleek body lines accentuated by the 45-degree raked front end, aggressive stance and the obvious projection of “Speed.” This Bobber is like a beautiful woman with gorgeous curves who walks into a room and immediately demands attention without saying a single word. Just by the way she is dressed and her confident demeanor.

Allow me the pleasure of introducing to you, Luxurious Coyote. This ’74 Shovelhead Goose Bobber with its Springer front end, prominent 21″ Ride Wright front and 18-inch rear spoked wheels is a commissioned build for Mr. Sakuma Takaaki by Endo Auto Service. The shop, founded in 1974, located North West of Tokyo in the Gunma Prefecture, fabricates, builds and sells mainly Harley-Davidson custom motorcycles with a high ratio of bikes leaning towards Choppers and Bobbers.

Jun Ogaki, Executive Vice President of Endo, said that Luxurious Coyote took approximately nine months to complete. The build started in November 2016 and was completed just in time to be shown at the MOONEYES show. Many of the elements, including the seat, handlebars, dash, pegs, gas tank and oil tank, were custom fabricated by Endo. The idea was to create a bike that is curvaceous aesthetically, yet aggressive, that speaks to an overall adult sensual feeling upon looking at it. Notice that there are virtually no squared off/right angle corners or sharp edges on this bike. For example, the gas tank was created with the same curve and shape by design, to mimic the shape of the engine. The lines of the rigid frame run continuously with the illusion of no obstruction from front to back, intersected by the slender rear fender and curved fender support arm, adds to the subtle sexiness of its profile sleekness. Even the shape and form of the custom seat seamlessly integrates the profile lines of the frame and rear fender. Curves are everywhere apparent in the shape of the brake hand grip, curved handle of the jockey shifter, and the organic flow of the shorty custom pipes. It’s all so subtle, but to me, those are the little details that make this bike so fucking hot!

Almost every component of this bike is either fabricated or a custom part except for the Harley-Davidson motor. It’s no surprise that it has such a unique look, and very much a signature style to Endo Auto Service. The paint scheme (by G Classic), vivid black colour base inlaid with silver leaf, gold leaf, and accents of red swirls, work harmoniously and subtly in contrast to the shiny chrome. The use of red colour was by request from the owner, but I thought it was quite creative how the shop subtly utilized red without making it the signature beacon of the bike. The paint scheme also extends into some regions of the chrome plated frame giving it a more unified and integrated appearance. Overall, Luxurious Coyote is a very understated subtle creation in the sense that it doesn’t immediately scream out at you with bright colours and chrome. At the same time, it certainly stands out from the crowd, with punctuated brass accents strategically placed throughout her body.

Although the bike wasn’t fired up at the show and I didn’t get a chance to see her in action, I can only imagine in my mind’s eye, what it would be like to mount this beauty.

Here’s to bringing sexy back. Va-Va-Voom!

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