PAUL TRACY’S BLUE # 3 – Built by Black Label Baggers

So what I thought had been said, done, perfected and widely repeated in the big wheel bagger world has pretty much been thrown into the shop trash can. I thought I had seen and heard it all until the photos of this bike showed up in my e-mail followed by the words: “Paul Tracy’s bike – we should get his phone number soon. Do you want to speak with him for a story? That would be cool!”Wait a minute…Paul Tracy? The Canadian race car driver whose name is linkedto Penske, Newman/Haasand Players/Forsythe, the racingteams? The professional racer who has competed in CART, the Champ Car World Series,and the Indy Car Series? The guy who has kicked serious race track ass? That Paul Tracy? “Hell yeah,that would be cool!” My Editor never seizes to surprise me!

So how does a bike like this and a world-renownedrace car driver fit into the mix? Well,it’s no secret that Paul Tracy has always had a need for speed and exhilaration. Therefore, it’s not surprising that he would make his way to the American big-twin motorcycle scene. Not one to do things in any minor way, Paul decided to open Black Label Baggers, a custom motorcycle parts company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Launched in 2012, and in collaboration with Pat Weimer a long time principal fabricator, fiberglass specialist and painter (of all things cool) and Precision Billet of Gilbert Arizona, B.L.B. has been creating and manufacturing parts “Made in USA.” On its Web page, Black Label Baggers writes that the company specializes in “the sickestparts and accessories for your bagger.” B.L.B. has also built an impressive array of ferocious tire ripping bad ass bikes. Don’t believe me? Well,then I suggest you visit this company’s website and have a look for yourself – bitchin’to say the least!

So how did this race-inspired motorcycleget started? Well according to Pat Weimer, Paul wanted to build a tribute bike, one that reflected his famed Players race car. Using a 2010 Harley-Davidson as a base for this beautiful machine, Black Label Baggers fabricated in-housean array of parts to define the new high-velocitysilhouette. Specializing in fiberglass saddlebags, side panels, spoilers, tank extensions, and one-off parts the blue #3 is another of several baggers B.L.B. has built to showcase its products. Check out the front number plate which houses the LED headlight. It’s a perfect example of the one-off parts that Patand Paul create. “Paul likes to do that for his personal rides – throw in something completely different,” Pat said. 

The bike took three months to complete and required a long list of the finest parts, pieces,and people. The motor building duty was taskedto Mike Porumbwho owns CMP Motorcycles. The powerplant is a 107-cubic-inch Twin-cam that is equippedwith nothing less than a CMP turbo-charger. Mike has been in the business for more than eighteen years by way of F&S Harley-Davidson and Jim Nasi Customs. An American Suspension inverted front fork is used to grip the 30-inch Glenndyne Design wheel while a solid rear wheel helps to transfer the horsepower to the street. For the front and rear air ride suspension, Dirty Airfrom Kansas City was called upon to supply the rear shocks, compressor,and air tank. To ensure the bike would stay upright when parked, a Matt Risley MRI electric centrestandwas used. Itworks superbly in keeping it vertical and in perfect profile while gleaming in the Arizona sun. Precision Billet that has been in business for more than fifteen yearshandles all manufacturing of the Black Label Baggers’ alloysignature parts. You can see this company’s expertise on this bike by way of the floorboards, pegsand grips. Giving credit where credit is due, Pat is quick to point out that “without guys like these, no one would be building bikes!” That’s a fact! 

Do you like the paint job? Truly race inspired,isn’t it? Following the instigating lines of Paul’s 2003 championship Playersracecar, painter and airbrush artist Brian Horstmann laid down the immaculate finish with masterful technique. The gold stripping flows exceptionally well with the coating on the wheels, floorboards,and motor parts. Using the best of PPG paints, the end resultis perfect. Brian has been creating custom artwork for more than twenty years. His first eleven years were devotedto the automotive and motorcycle industryin New York.Now based in Arizona, he takes his talent and unique style to stratosphere levels. He has won numerous best paint awards and is soughtafter by some of the most esteemed bike and carbuilders, and B.L.B. is no exception. Brian’s company name is Sinthium Inc. Paul Tracy could not have asked for a better job on his tribute bike.

So it’s a checkered flag for this custom bagger! And I’m sure we will see much more from the crew at Black Label Baggers! With Paul Tracy at the wheel,you can bet that we’ll see many more unique and ear-splitting custom rides coming from this Arizona shop. “We keep coming up with new innovative parts all the time,” said Pat Weimer. I know we here at RMM will be keeping a watchful eye on them, and rest assured that we’ll bring you their latest.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!

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