As you know, fashions come and go, tastes change, and the same applies to the motorcycle world. Creating a bobber was the last thing on our minds here, because at Speed Trix, a custom motorcycle shop known for its originality, perfectionism and attention to  detail in its creations, we are used to creating rather flashy bikes. After careful consideration, we decided to get out of our comfort zone and embark on this adventure by creating a clean and simple motorcycle, while making it dazzling and unique ! We managed to create this luxury bobber, which really reflects our company’s image.

While its far from your everyday bobber created by Joe Blow in the comfort of his backyard shed in the 50s, our model is on the cutting edge of technology, both aesthetically with its unique high-temperature baked-on powder coating, making it super resistant, and comfort-wise with its Softail frame, that leads purists to believe that our bobber is a rigid !

This bike, with its sought-after retro look, allows bikers to ride this style of motorcycle, while benefiting from a modern and sophisticated bike ! This unique kind of bobber has a Shovelhead engine, a 5-speed transmission, and is decked with a pinstripe paint job, created by our partner painter Martin Cloutier, from STA, which makes it as aesthetic, efficient and eye catching as it is comfortable and safe on the road.

Finally, a bobber that reflects our two true designers’ image. Inspired by the Old School bobbers, topped off with 2000s sophisticated technology. 

Welcome to Speed Trix, where everything is possible !

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