Speed and Science Ltd.

Built by Ken’s Factory (https://kensfactoryusa.com/)

Speed And Science Ltd., an R&D company working at arm’s length with one of the largest and most advanced CNC shops in Western Canada is proud to present a newly re-designed, complete top end for the vintage “Shovelhead” Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“On top of having a privilege of being involved in the cutting-edge CNC technology, I am also able to draw from my lifelong passion and create parts for my favorite bike” says Mark “Getrow” E., the mad scientist behind this project. “The idea was to combine the legendary longevity and simplicity of the Shovel engine with modern, 21st Century technology. I believe, we have fully succeeded – we have created an engine that’s both powerful and responsive, yet still very reliable and versatile”.

While aftermarket is still going strong for the Shovel, the choices are very limited when it comes to a high-performance parts. Our typical client is a bike owner / builder who’s enthusiastic and appreciative of the above combination.

Speed And Science has invested a significant amount of time and resources in making sure that our products not only work incredibly well, but also retain a true bolt-on interface with OEM components. All of our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards and undergo 100% quality inspection. Combined with our 12 months warranty, our customers can make and educated and confident purchase.

“Our goal is to provide a product that people can trust so they can get the benefits of new technology without worrying about damaging their motorcycles or wasting their money,” said Mark.

More information is available at https://www.speedandscience.com

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