Who is Lanakila MacNaughton, or Lana? She is a 27-year old young woman who describes herself as an artist, a creator, an event producer and most of all, a photographer and a motorcyclist.

Lanakila MacNaughton

I recently discovered her beautiful photos, and I had to share them with you because they have totally made me dream. Lana presents women riders from different cities and walks of life, on different kind of bikes, but all are real women bikers with style and attitude.

Lanakila was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, by her mother who was a florist and her father, a builder. She was immersed in the arts early on. After developing a passion for motorcycles in her early twenties, she started documenting many facets of the motorcycle culture through her lens. She likes to focus on the new wave of modern female motorcyclists.

“Once I started riding,I was eager to meet other women in my community who rode, but I didn’t find a lot of them that wereriding on their own. However, the women that I met blew me away. They were and are independent, strong, courageous women. I am inspired by the women I meet, the struggles they have gone through and the obstacles they have conquered. I aim at inspiring other women around the world as much as I am inspired when I see those women, read their stories and learn how they find the powerwithin themselves. Motorcycles are merely the vehicles that allow me to express the energy I see in the women I meet,” says Lana. “I was inspired to create The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition to represent these fearless women who have been unacknowledgedin our culture and media.”

The Women’s Moto Exhibit Project

The Women’s Moto Exhibit was originally a photo exhibition of Lana’s photos which traveled around her country, the United States. The exhibition was also presentedin other countries in various galleries and museums. “I just started taking photos of different women that inspired me, and the whole thing morphed into something I would have never imagined,” says Lana.

The show is a vehicle to promote women motorcyclists as liberated, passionate and sometimes real badass riders.There are hundreds of sexy, strong fashion-conscious women with attitude and drive that are hiddenin every city. Lana’s goal is to find them. The show is a traveling exhibition because she wants to draw out and connect women from different cities and countries to create a stronger sense of community amongst women riders. “The women riders I have met through the show all have the same passion for life, enthusiasm for motorcycles and a desire to create memories with like-minded women.They’re business owners, they’re independent moms, they have style, they have something to say,and they have this new kind ofsexy,” says Lanakila.

Now the project has evolved into a social movement. The women’s market has exploded in the last years. More and more women are finding camaraderie and a new sense of independence by joining this movement on two wheels. “My goal is to portray women as the natural born leaders they are:fearless, free and wild. Recently we have branched off makingmotorcycle trips across foreign countries. During those trips, we experienced different cultures and united women from far and wide.”

The Wild One’s Tour

The Wild OnesTour was a motorcycle journey through the European Alps with The Women’s Moto Exhibit. On July 6th, 2016, Lanakila and her friends, including Canadian Becky Goebel from Vancouver, rode on motorcycles through the Alps, starting in Austria, moving through Switzerland and ending in Italy. Not only did the ladies visit historicallandmarks and events, but theyalso met and connectedwith communities of women motorcyclists along the way.

Lana tells me: “My goal was to experience an insane motorcycle journey with my friends, document it and share it in real time. I want to inspire others to push themselves beyond what they think is possible. I was very nervous before the trip and had a lot of anxiety about riding self-supported on a motorcycle for a month through five countries. But it was hands down one of the greatest experiences of my life. It showed me that I am strong and can do just about anything I put my mind to. I also wanted to show different cultural perspectives. This journey was a wonderful opportunity to meet other women from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, etc.”

The Dream Roll Event

When Lanakila described herself as an event producer, it’s because she has created The Dream Roll. “The Dream Roll is a women’s only motorcycle camp trip on Mt. Adams, in the State of Washington. This event takes place every month of August (August 12-15 this year). We ride out, camp, party, drink beer, eat, dance naked, and swim in swimming holes. I leave all judgments and bullshit at home. It isone of the best times of the year for me,” she explains.

The images from Lanakila’s project aren’t simply beauty shots. They represent freedom, independence, excitement, and the various personalities of “the born-to-be-free” women motorcyclists. The Women’s Moto Exhibit has evolved over the years, from a collection of photos into women’s only motorcycle camping trips. Recently, it has burgeoned into a clothing line. “I just launched Feva,a boutique clothing line inspired by 1940-50’s work-wear. That means a lot of denim and leather. The style falls in line with the motorcycle lifestyle, but the clothes are not motorcycle gear,” proudly explains Lana.

Shortly, the next project for Lanakila is to produce another event. “I’m excited to announce we are planning a Hot Rod, Classic Car Motorcycle Show at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs called Paradise Road. Adri Law, Chase Stopnik and I were inspiredby the nostalgia of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s American life, and we wanted to create a family event that would celebrate those simpler times. We’re going to have pieeating contests, pool parties, barber cuts and motorcycle and cars galore. We will be closing down a street to showcase the ‘crème de la crème’ of classic cars and muscle cars,” Lana explains enthusiastically. “We’re excited to see where year one takes us.”Guess it will be very interesting…

You can find out more about Lanakila, her photos, and plans by visiting her website at

Thank you, Lana, for your inspiring images! All the best!

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